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Live Streams on Una


is it possible to make on a una site live streams like on youtube, dlive, etc., at own server, so without youtube connection?

When I understand it correct, with jitis this works only with youtube.

Found youtube clone scripts, but maybe with una is also a solution possible?

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      • thanks, looks interesting, but also expensive if you have a lot of streamers, what do you think about peertube? is it possible to integrate it in una?

          • Same as viloud tv need rtmp

            • ok, so it is possible to use it with una when rtmp is installed on the server?

              • UNA does have plans to add live vid streaming to update 13. https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/2331 I see it's still open thou. Hopefully it won't be pushed to ver 14.

                • It kept getting pushed back. I had requested this feature years ago, since I wanted my website to have it where people could use it for online events, tutorials, shows, etc and somehow integrate the credits feature so users could set up paid streams wich streamers could set up personal pages that people could subscribe to to see content. Also during the stream have it where viewers could send "Points" during the stream wich the streamer could later on revert to credits....this idea was years ago...unfortunately I watched all the other major social networks start doing this later on. Whenever UNA copies or creates a version of something thats already been done it doesnt look good or doesnt have all the features of the original. Events module is still too clunky. The "Pages" mod in the store doesn't let you upload videos. We are at a point where UNA needs to go back and upgrade their old mods, custom work is going to be a must if you want your site to look different than all the other UNA sites. UNA also needs to hire some website/mobile designers. Not to just code but to start making the templates look nicer, be more fluid and mobile friendly, and re=construct the templates so that other people can navigate and have an easy time looking at the sites on their phones. Too much focus on how it looks for PC and not enough how it looks on Mobile phones as what UNA was created and adverstised as...I love my site but I think UNA needs to stop trying to do so many small projects all at once and just go back to fixing the older mods and upgrading them, work more on making UNA more mobile friendly and fluid, and working on one big project like Live Streaming. I may have to just save my sites data and download it, and wait until the features I need are implemented. I'm paying $100 a month to keep my site up and running because I cant turn it into an app and have my Grand Release until its complete. I want to release a product that self sustains itself and I can be proud of, have stable fluid mobile viewing, and have users be able to say this app is unique, easy to use, and something they WANT to keep on their phone next to all the other major social network apps they have...

                  • This is the company that is providing live streaming services to many live streaming apps. https://medium.com/agora-io I wouldnt mind having this setup on my site https://www.agora.io/en/pricing/ also has its own mods marketplace that adds extra features.

                    • You said a lot there Will Roberts . I too would like to see UNA focus more on updating and improving on what's already there before moving on. One big deal for me is the mobile apps. With at least 60% of people being on mobiles these days it only makes sense to improve it's users experience on mobiles. I have paid a lot of money to keep my mobile apps up to date but to be honest, they kinda suck as they are.

                      • 2019-2022 is a long time for UNA to wait to find a Live Streaming option. I think if UNA spent more time reviewing Mods and products in mobile viewing it would change their perspective on what needs to be built better. Every prieview of products they sell on marketplace has only a PC image perspective. 

                        • It's a good alternative for live streaming too. I saw this site a while back was interested in integrating their video call and voice call for our custom messenger app to connect with our main app (not UNA app). But yeah good live streaming options just need to integrate users and how they can auto login/connect using this option. Or simply change jitsi to this in messenger is better

                          • Hello!

                            Jitsi/jibri can be modified to work with any rtmp server not only youtube. 

                            • Do you have sample?

                              • I don't have it running on my Una site but I did integrate it with another social site if mine. It works well.

                                • We have set up jitsi / jibri server many many times but yeah only you tube is accepted


                                  • So Facebook, Instagram also?

                                    • Will UNA set up a Jitsi modification service plan? I still need mine modified Alexey 

                                        • if it accepts rtmp then yes.

                                          • interesting to follow this discussion, but what it means exactly? is there a option to do live streams with una at this time or in planning? 

                                            is jitsi the solution for live streaming with una and own server?

                                            • Will UNA set up a Jitsi modification service plan? I still need mine modified Alexey 

                                              What sort of modifications do you need Will? We do plan to release a live streaming service at some stage in the coming months. 

                                              • We have set up live steaming using Jitsi / Jibri - yet this needs to be set up as a custom interface for each instance. Agora.io is an excellent option but its expensive, but we can and have used that too. We are preparing a streaming solution based on open source software that will be available with UNA 13. We have been testing a number of other alternatives such as Oven Media Engine with each of our recent webinars. The bottom line is that live streaming is not simple to set up or easy to maintain, it requires considerable resources to manage a streaming server, to maintain this independently is expensive for a small web publishers.

                                                In short, we can set up live streaming options now, built on various types of architecture, depending on your needs and budget, however it would need to be set up as a custom dedicated instance, the cost of managing that service would be entirely yours. We will be offering a service using shared streaming resources in 2022 with UNA 13 - this would be a more easily managed and cost effective solution for those wishing to offer occasional streaming services from smaller community sites. 

                                                • If we are still using Jitsi for video calls then I would need mine to be put on a server and have the watermark taken out, and have all the extra options taken out also. Change background color and instead of having the first letter of the username show up when calling; have the profile picture of the user's instead. 

                                                  • Would you offer API services to integrate agora.io? I would have it under a paid membership to cover fees associated with it

                                                    • you can use other server for jitsi  will help you install : https://una.io/page/view-product?id=334 we will just change the link use in messenger (we can take water mark out and change text in jitsi home )

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