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Macro - How to combine ACL and Location search?

Is it possible to combine two macros? I want to create a list of Organisations (cards) that have

  • Same location (City!) AND
  • same ACL Level

So I would like to use these macros

  • ~bx_organizations:browse_by_acl[...]~
  • ~bx_organizations:entity_location[...]~

Is there any better way to to this?

--> Using UNA Cloud hosted 12.1.0

Replies (2)
    • There is 'browse' macros which can be called with custom condition, but it's quite complicated.

      If there are not too many records, then you can get items directly by Id, for particular city:


      • Thank You  so how would be the correct MACRO to call an organisation with ACL level=3 AND has the location entry CITYFIELD = Vienna?

        • ~bx_organizations:browse_by_acl[3]~ AND ???

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