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I just tested the messenger on the cyclemadness.net site I have a problem with the Lucid template. I can not add emoticon, files, gif the box is missing or the messenger is pulling too much down. I am with a Macbook air M1. Are there any who have this problem?


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    • LeonidS , I talked with this gentelmen on my site about the icons missing in messenger. I also talked to one other member that is on a IMac which doesn't seem to have the same problem. I did enlarge the text slightly, might this have anything to do with why he doesn't see icons on his Mac book? No one else seems to have this problem. But too, VMax above says he has a UNA site using the same Lucid theme and doesn't have this problem on his site.

      • Hello!

        Looks like you have some custom design modification on Messenger page and as far as I there is big padding. It may be a cause of the problem. Try to remove modification to check if the icons appear.

        Also in Messenger allows to hide abilities depends on members' membership level. It means that you can remove the all abilities with bottom icons using Studio -> Permissions area.

        • Thank you, I'll try that.

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