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Mobile app speed improvement

Is there a way to improve the speed of the Mobile apps I have heard good things about ionic and flutter

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    • I fully support optimization on the mobile apps and would love to see them get more responsive but trust me when I tell you that the final release is leaps and bounds better in speed and responsiveness compared to any point in the beta so I am actually enjoying what has been released. But for sure I would like to see it better 

      • It's not possible to dramatically improve the speed of mobile apps without some major changes in the whole script. Now the speed of mobile app should be approximately the same as UNA site in the browser.

        • Can this be arranged in a custom feature?

          • I'm waiting on this as well. For the time being i just changed what is seen on mobile device by going to studio > pages and hide what i want to hide, See picture.

            • I think limiting what shows on the mobile app to the very essential is key, under page and block visibility. The less it has to render the better the speed I think, though I am yet to activate this on my site.

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