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Move number of profile option in persons and org

I think that the choice of placing the option " of the number of (0 - without limit)" in general settings is an error.Let me explain: I do not accept that people create multiple profiles on the same account. I do not even want them to suspect that this possibility exists, but I would like to use the organization module.It is already a problem there.I want to be able to allow only one profile, for the reason explained, but it does not bother me that one person represents two, three, 5 organizations.How can I do? There is a solution, play with , for add person put 1 and leave blank for the counter and do the same for add Org for each level.I think it would be very easy to place the option directly in the module person AND in the module org. Simple and effective and more intuitive especially for new webmasters.

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    • This setting can't be moved to profile modules, then it will work different way.

      But I think you can achieve what you want using existing functionality:

      1) Studio > Permissions > Unconfirmed & Pending & Standard & Premium & any custom memberships > turn off "Delete Person's Profile" and "Create Person's Profile" for all these memberships

      2) Studio > Permissions > Account > disable "Delete Person's Profile"

      3) Studio > Permissions > Account > set "Number of allowed actions" to 1 for "Create Person's Profile" action.

      Because first profile is created under account profile, so you need to set this limit for Account membership, all future profiles are created under different profiles and it doesn't make much sense to set this limit there. Also actually after profile is created user can't switch back to Account profile, so setting "Number of allowed actions" to 1 for account profile shouldn't be very necessary.

      • I understand, thanks for this VERY detailed Alex explanation, I will test this.

        • Yes, thx Alex T. I need this as well....

          Am I right that it is needed for ACCOUNT level to turn off permission ''create organization profile' as well, or ist the first choice by default allways the ''personal profile''?

          • After testing: Works well. But: How to setup, that only PERSON profile can create ORG profiles? Is this possible?

            I played around and its easy to have a very funny org3 created by org2 created by org1...  but may be that is only my misunderstanding of the targets of the organisation APP

            • Organisations are same as Persons - a type of profile. The Account is the one that creates wither Persons or Orgs. We observe lately that the Orgs naming makes it a bit misleading. Will have to reassess at some stage. 

              • Ok, thx Andrew. I forgot the powerful allmighty ACCOUNT working in the dark behind all those profiles *g

                • Yes it took me a long time to assimilate the concept and not forget it.

                  • How to setup, that only PERSON profile can create ORG profiles? Is this possible?

                    You need to assign different memberships for Persons and Orgs modules, you can do it from Studio > Persons | Orgs > "Default member's level to assign after person's profile creation" 

                    Then you can disallow for Orgs to create Orgs in membership settings.

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