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Msolutions Prety Links

I have same problem. MSolutions please fix

InPage I follow you now.

I see new problem 👇 UNA link is not formatting correctly... "This site requires JavaScript!

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    • Thank you for your report.

      This is now fixed in latest version. Correct links are displayed. However ugly links are displayed now in there. 

      There is technical aspects that does not let us replace this links with the Pretty Link method, the comments class is not using the default permalinks method to display this links, they use another method for link replacement called bx_replace_markers, so we don't have any way to change this values, we will try to fix this in next version.


      • MSolutions provided a great fix to keep "Pretty Links" functional. This has been forwarded to the UNA team Alex T⚜️ .

        Edited file: BxDolCmts.php

        Lines 475-479 were changed only. It uses a similar approach than the original file. In the original version it creates a permalink with markers and then it replaces the markers to display the link.

        In Msolutions version it replaces the markers first, then creates the permalink.

                return (
                                $sBaseUrl = BxDolPermalinks::getInstance()->permalink($this->_replaceMarkers( $this->_aSystem['base_url'] ) 
                            ) , 0, 4) != 'http'
                        ) ? BX_DOL_URL_ROOT . $sBaseUrl : $sBaseUrl;
                //This line fixes the Pretty Links issue, in the original version it creates a permalink with markers to be replaced, this one replaces the markers first and then creates the permalink. This is the correct version from our point of view.
                //        return $this->_replaceMarkers($this->_sBaseUrl);

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