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Good day,

Is it possible to create multiple customized landing / splash pages?  These are used generally used for marketing campaigns and therefore need to be customized to fit each campaign.  If it is possible can someone share their knowledge as to how to implement this?

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    • For a demo on how you can accomplish a custom page, in Studio take a look at Pages > System > Home Page, in there you'll find a Splash Block with the code used for the default una landing page. That will give you an idea what is needed to make your own Custom pages. If you know css and html, it shouldn't be too hard to accomplish.

      But there are many ways to make your own custom pages in UNA, it all depends on what exactly are the needs for your campaigns and how fancy you want them to be...

      • Yeah, I got that. I was just hoping to avoid that. As I’ve used CMS for years so I didn’t have to worry about HTML anymore ;)

        Now, how might one play an uploaded video via the PLYR module in such a scenario? I’ll ping support and see what they suggest. 

        • One way to add video to a custom page, you can add an html block and use the editor in there. 🙂 



          • Yes!  That's more along the lines of what I was looking for.  I just didn't scroll down through the HTML widget fields far enough!

            Thanks, good sir!

            • After a bit longer than I would hacking around at page source code I managed to get a hack put together and operational.  It was more difficult because I wanted to use the Plyr integration and didn't want a block heading. I would still like an official way to use the "view video" block from the videos module in other parts of the platform.  It was not available to me when creating a custom page.

              • Hello omaticon !

                You may try to create via the Developer app the new service block with the follwing code inside:

                array ('module' => 'bx_videos','method' => 'entity_video_block',)

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