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New module language

Hi to all. 

I really love Una and I would like great things with it 😄 

I follow the guide on github dot com  for create a new language module. (sorry if I don't post the entire link, buy my permission in this forum do not permit me to post links and add picture for show the problem 😲 )

I follow step by step the guide apart the point 7 a part the line _lang_key

because i my file data/lang/system/it.xml this line do not exit and points 8 and 9 because not applicable.

When i the market i try to install the module, it appear, but i have the error "Cannot install module formo "vendor/italian/" directory

Can someone help me?



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    • Hello pettenuzzo !

      The _lang_key was given as an example, the exact key may be different like _bx_acl_page_title_sys_view for example.

      Possible you didn't replace the lang keys and proper headers in XML files - that's why you got this error. BTW - "vendor" maybe different too.

      • Hi Leonid,

        Thanks for your reply.

        I'm testing in this moment, so also Vendor can be ok for the moment 😃 

        "The _lang_key was given as an example, the exact key may be different like _bx_acl_page_title_sys_view for example. "

        Ok, I understand, but, what i must find?



        • This is an example of the beginning of content of modules\boonex\russian\data\langs\bx_accounts\ru.xml:

          <string name="_bx_accnt"><![CDATA[Аккаунты]]></string>

          <string name="_bx_accounts"><![CDATA[Аккаунты]]></string>

          The bold text means the keys which should be "found", the crossed words mean the text which should be translated.

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