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No Join Button on Groups List Page

Protean Template. No Join Button on each Group.

All my other buttons seem to be in place. Any Ideas? A permissions issue? Help!

     Thank you.

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    • In what view is there NOT a Join button?  Group Profile View? Groups Home?  You can tell by the URL.

      • Hi Friend. Neither Home nor Profile view. I'm sure they used to be there. My other buttons seem to be visible and working. I wonder if there is a conflict with my custom css for this Protean template.


        • Have you checked whether the menus are activated?


          • Baloo, good answer.  Thank you.

            • Hi Baloo. Yes, I found two Join settings in the Items of Navigation. Both were set to ON. And in the Developer settings, the visibility settings looked correct.

              In my custom styles, the only thing pertaining to buttons was:

              .bx-btn.bx-btn-disabled, .bx-btn.bx-btn-small.bx-btn-disabled:active {

                  background-color: rgba(20,40,60,0.7);


              No other buttons seem to be missing.

              To make matters more complicated - when I tried another MIX in the Protean Template, there was no change. No change from light to dark mode even though I cleared the caches at the Dashboard and the Browser, too. After each change.

              I just moved to a VPS server. Could it have a separate caching mechanism?

              I'm stumped!

              • I have checked on mine... both 10.1.0 and 11.0.0 B1.

                They are there on all templates.

                If I created a group, I do not see Join button. I have another profile, when I switch... I see Join button.

                • HI KC. Yes, that makes perfect sense. Still, when I log in as the non-creator of the group - there is no Join button as before. I'm sure it was there before because others used it to join groups.

                  Can I re-install the Groups module without losing the data? I don't think so. Wonder if it is a protean issue with my installation?

                  Thank you for checking! 

                  • Did custom Protean in 9.X.X. After upgrade to 10.0.0, didn’t look right. Tested two mains (light and dark) and there were no issue. Had to re-do custom Protean and problem solved.

                    Check the non-custom Protean to verify?

                    • I sure did. But after clearing the cacheS, the layout looks the same. 

                      Maybe I need to try another Template rather than Protean to figure things out.

                      It may not be a Template issue at all. Perhaps my Groups module has become corrupted.

                                ~~~ News Flash ~~~

                      Oh, I see that yesterday Leonid S of Team UNA has contacted me privately, desiring to help. Does he go beyond the call of duty?!? He sure does. 

                      I feel very fortunate to be here. Do you?

                      • Hello Canine Domesticus !

                        I've contacted you via Messenger just to pass the step with the useless answer here like "provide me your UNA studio access" because without it we may divine too much time :-)

                        • Good... that narrows down.

                          Waiting eagerly for LeonidS to fix the issue for you.

                          Aye, I do... me hearts UNA, fantastic team and community!

                          • A sailor perhaps? or maybe a pirate Yarr!

                            • Naw. Actually, I say WOOF! more often than Yarr! 🙂

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