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Notification Troubles - Events & Groups creation In Timeline

There are a few notification problems in timeline. If user A comments on user B's posts- notifications come through. However, if user A has created a group or an event, and user B comments on that group or event, there is no notification on this. If user A mentions (tags) user B in that comment for group or events that have been created and shown on timeline, then in that comment page- we cannot access the original post on timeline- that link takes us to the actual group or event page.

Replies (3)
    • Hello @Karina !

      From my side, both actions in Groups work correctly:

      1) the comment of user A in Timeline generates the notification for user B.

      2) the mentioned case relates only to the non-public group if user B isn't a joined member there.

      • Hi Leonid, thank you for looking into this. I'm not talking about posts within the group, but those posts that result in the Community Homepage after a Group or Event has been created. The comments that are under those specific posts don't get sent notifications to the Original Creators. image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1315&dpx=2&t=1684958299

        • Can anyone else confirm these errors?

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