I have some questions on Studio/Notifications configurations.


"Content" (add comment) 

"Content" (reply to own comment)

       what is the difference? who supposed to see it? friends (whose friends?)? everybody? according to Privacy level for "Content"?

 2. Groups/(Event) (join request)   Groups/(Event) (member joined)   Groups (post to timeline)

        who suppose to see those three positions: group/event admins, group members, admin friends, everybody? what about closed/secret ones?

3. Profiles Friends (add connection) - 

        when it works: on friend request or after it's approval?

4. Profiles Mentions (add) - 

        who can see it: mentioned one? everybody? friends of mentioned one? frends of mentioner?

5. Profiles Subscriptions (add connection) 

         who suppose to see it? friends of what side? both sides?

thanx in advance

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    • We remade and grouped all these settings in new 9.0.10 version of Notification module, please have a look at new settings, then ask if something isn't clear

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