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Notifications - Who is he?

I really need everyone's opinion on this point. I've talked about it before, but the more I use, the more obvious it is that something is missing here.

I have no link to the person who initiated the notification. In the example below, someone accepted a friendship request from me that I made a long time ago. I no longer remember, I do not know who it is.

If I click on the notification, I am redirected to my profile and it has no interest. On a dating site where people are as important as the content, moreover people are largely content, I must imperatively know who the person is quickly.

The example of friendship is the most obvious, but this situation is unpleasant for all notifications. He is a regular recomple from my members. How can I know who it is?

This inconvenience makes me want to return to Dolphin every time I pass on it. Because on this precise point, he was very logical. It offers a link to the author and a link to the object.

Need your feedback on this item please.


As a reminder in dolphin ...


In addition, I would have noticed that everywhere else a click on the avatar leads to the profile, except in notifications. Uniform behavior is never a bad thing.

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