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Open in same tab or page

Hello. rather than just having a list or categories in my Radio app I'm trying to add a dropdown with a list of Genres (categories).

It works fine but it opens in a new tab. How can I make this open in the same tab or window. Also I would like to have the selection box be to the right of "Choose Station by Genre" instead of below.


Below is my code...

<p>Choose Station by Genre:</p>

<form name="form1">

<select name="genre" id="genre">

 <option value="default">Select</option>

 <option value="/page/station-category?category=1">60s</option>

<option value="/page/station-category?category=2">70s</option>

<option value="/page/station-category?category=3">80s</option>

<option value="/page/station-category?category=4">90s</option>

<option value="/page/station-category?category=7">Alternative</option>

<option value="/page/station-category?category=11">Blues</option> 

<option value="/page/station-category?category=16">Christmas</option>

<option value="/page/station-category?category=18">Classic Rock</option>

<option value="/page/station-category?category=21">Comedy</option>

<option value="/page/station-category?category=24">Country</option> 


<script type="text/javascript">

 var urlmenu = document.getElementById( 'genre' );

 urlmenu.onchange = function() {

     window.open( this.options[ this.selectedIndex ].value );



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