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Optimal server config for Dolphin to UNA migration? ( attention Alex T please read )

I'm currently in the process of migrating large websites from Dolphin to UNA and using se_migration to transfer user data (20k + members) and media files (mainly images ~120k photos and 30k+ albums) and so far profile data has not been an issue. However, dolphin migration module cannot handle such a large amount of media without getting stuck and transfer never completed (my servers running on php 7.4 apache 2.4 and mysql 8.0) I noticed it can only do about 50 -100 albums per task run before crashing but of course this may depend on PHP/MySQL and server configuration and so this naturally begs the difficult abstract question, what are the recommended optimal php.ini and server configs for transferring large amount of data using the dolphin migration script? Please share your experiences... 

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    • hi can I know the new una site link

      • Hello!

        As far as I understand you are using Social Engine migration tool. This module is updated not so often and was not tested for last UNA versions.

        By default migration tool should start from the last migrated item. For example: if you have 200 albums and there was some error during migration and script was stopped because of timeout error, then you can run migration again for albums and it should start from the last migrated album. Also to be sure that the script is stopped to work, you should check database namely tables into which you are moving data. If the number of records is not increasing then migration tool is stopped otherwise you should wait. For example: if you are moving profiles, then you can check bx_persons_data table, for photos you can check bx_albums_albums table and etc...

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