Page example for Element Protean Mix Template

Sorry if if this a noob question....I've installed the Element Protean Mix.  Can you help me find here are the 2 samples pages located.  i would like to setup the index.php page similar to what was shown in the demo.


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    • Hello, Zacno32! 

      Could you clarify the question?


      • According to the description in the Element Mix, there are 2 sample pages that are provided as part of the template.  I suppose I want to know how the make my page layout look like the one in the demo.

        thanks !

          • Thanks!  that is helpful.  Can you let me know where i can find those blocks that you show on the Element_home_page.png .   for example "Shoutbox", "New Discussions", "All Feeds", etc..

            Under Pages -> Protean, does the Protean Element mix include any sample pages?

            Basically i would like to make my home page look just like the Element home page demo.

            thanks again for all your help!

            • Hello, Zacno32! 

              Studio -> Pages -> Select page... -> Homepage

              • I did try all the default pages but I do not see where I can add the same blocks that you show in your example.

                1.   Studio -> System -> select page -> Homepage(6) .   I understand this is the standard default homepage that I need to customize.

                2.    But when i select "Add New Block" I do not  any block options for Shoutbox, New Discussions, All Feeds, etc.. and the other blocks that you show in your previous examples.

                Where can I find those blocks?   Or let me know if there's a way I can purchase those pages and these additional blocks that you show in the Element demo.

                Thanks again for all your help.

                • Hello, Zacno32! 

                  Check it out here -> UNA Apps

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