Paypal blocked my account. They say I offer something that's against their rules, but they don't say, what that may be, let alone why. The only thing I offer is the paid Plus level on my UNA platform RoundOF. Has anybody encountered similar problems with Paypal? Does onyone know how to solve this?

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    • Maybe someone could add a module for one of these popular payment providers in germany?

      • Paydirekt
      • Giropay
      • Sofort-Dienst (ehemals SOFORT Überweisung) 
      • Masterpass
      • Amazon Pay
      • Skrill
      • Or can anyone recomment an existing payment module for german customers?

        • Could it be that they regard UNA as a threat to the major monopolies of the internet? Which now have no commitment to free expression? 

          Let us know when you get more details about this unusual problem. Thank you.

          • PayPal is notorious for misinterpretation of websites purpose. Often it’s enough to call them and explain that it’s bot a dating or escort site and they would retract the suspension. 

            • Very interesting thread. Please keep your experiences up to date. Until now I cant report any troubles for my site using PayPal as a payment provider.

              • Got some predefined text blocks in reply. Still waiting for a human Paypal-employee to look at the issue. Will report updates, stay tuned...

                • After sending the same text block several times PayPal now sended a different textblock. My account continues to be restricted and they refuse to give an explanation. They only refer to their policies. I read through those rules again and can't find anything that would be violated by RoundOF. I told them that on RoundOF there is no dating and no escort. Maybe they think that RoundOF is a Ponzi scheme. I now told them that that is not the case either. I think I'll ditch PayPal and install Stripe instead.

                  • In the 7th mail Paypal finally managed to tell me the cause for the account restriction. As Andrew said, they think, I sell Dating services on RoundOF. So now I told them, RoundOF is not a dating site. As an additional precaution I sifted through my pages and found some little hints that could be mistaken for dating. I removed those.

                    • Furthermore I added hints on my pages: "RoundOF is all about community, not about dating." Now I'm looking forward to their next answer...

                      • I begin to assume that this story won't have a happy end. After allegedly reviewing my case, PayPal decided to terminate my account. Again they don't react to my arguments. I assume the last mail they sent me is a prefabricated text block again. Now they no longer say that I offer dating services. Instead they now say my use of PayPal is too risky. Additionally I can't answer to that message, their system rejects my reply.

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