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Push Notrifications

It asks me to subscribe, and If it detects that I have unsubscribed, it will let me know and the same thing happens if I block the notifications. It even shows subscribed users at the one signal control panel; I will get the test notification messages on both chrome and safari.  Yet, I am not getting any push notifications from the UNA site. If there is any activity, I immediately get the internal notifications as well as even emails about it, but 0 push notifications. What may be happening?

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    • Hello!First of all you need to check settings which you have set in Studio->Settings->Push notifications. They should be equal to the same which you have in OneSignal, be sure that you have set correct domain and shortname (in case if your site is not https), Safari id.If everything is correct then when you open the site you should see prompt about to get notifications. Try to open the site in two different browsers.

      • Hi, I get the get notifications. I subscribed to them, two different computers. There is a connection between one signal and my site. If I send test notifications message from one signal, I do get them. It shows me as subscribed. What I'm not getting is notifications from UNA at all. 

        • Hello!About notifications module: check please Push area in Studio -> Notification to determine whether the activities through which you try to send notifications are enabled.If you have Messenger module, it allows to send notifications directly from messenger. You just need to fill the same fields in messenger settings and then try to send message to members.

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