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Remote Storage: Wasabi Settings

Hi @Alex T⚜️ 

I am setting the Remote Storage and I will be using Wasabi. I have few questions:

  1. Should the bucket be public or private in order to work well with UNA? I don't want files to be accessed out of the UNA environment or through the Wasabi public link. If the bucket is set to 'Private', will UNA be able to send file to the remote storage? Will file privacy set in UNA be maintained on Wasabi?
  2. On their documentation page, they wrote:
For version 4 signing requests, the region used for Wasabi signing requests is always “us-east-1” which is the default AWS S3 region.

If I use us-central-1 (Their Texas Location/Region) to host my files, which setting should I use in UNA Remote Storare settings for region? us-central-1 or us-east-1? Based on what they said above, will the signature version 4 work well if I choose a region other than us-east-1?


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    • I remember a post here in the forum or in the Wiki, which said that the bucket has to be public. I think, it was in the Wiki under "Storage" if I remember it right.

      • That is true for AWS too, which I am using..

        • Hello. Thanks for all ypur replies.

          Isn't that requirement for transfering from local to remote storage only? The wiki page says:

          Note that when transferring data from Local to S3 or S3v4 you need to make all files public to make it accessible, however all newly uploaded files will be marked as private for private ones.


          In my case i will not be transfering from Local to S3 or S3v4. It is a fresh UNA install and all the files will be stored remotely on Wasabi from rhe beginning.

          • That's a good point, @OneEagle . The answer should be added to the Wiki explanation.

            • 1 - try with private, if this isn't working then switch to public

              2 - there is a separate field in UNA settings to specify the region for SigV4 requests, so probably both should work then. However I suggest to use SigV2 if possible, with "S3" storage engine, it's more consistent.

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