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Show field data as title of block

Is this possible? If I want to change the title of the "Info" block on the View Post page for the Posts app, from "Info" to whatever is inputted in a specific text field, how could I do that?

I have the Developer app. I can bring up the Info block, and I can see for the title it has something like
_sys_form_txt_field_caption_984375394857 - is there something I could put there which would cause whatever is inputted into a certain field, to show up instead of "Info"? So, if someone put puppies into this field I'm talking about, the info block for that person would be called puppies. 

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    • You don't need Developer app to do it, just enter special marker for any field name from `bx_posts_posts` table in regular Pages app in block title, for example to display Post's title instead of just "Info" word, enter "{title}" there.

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