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Splash Page Join Form

hi, sir i want to Remove the background of join form on splash and extend its width, moreover, i want to edit the text "Join" and rest of the text as well, pls see attached image

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    • Hello Asad Ur Rehman !

      The selected caption can be corrected as language key "_sys_txt_splash_join" (edit it via Polyglot app as other texts on this page). The styles of the Splash page can be edited via Studio->Designer->Splash page area. See the <style> section.

        • hi LeonidS, which line in <style> section to be edited to increrase the width of the Join Box/ Form, Moreover, to remove its background. M sorry i am not a developer, thnx

          • In the following code there:

            .bx-spl-line.bx-spl-l1 .bx-spl-cell.bx-spl-c1 {

                    -webkit-flex: 1 1 70%; 

                    flex:  1 1 70%;

                      width: 70%;


                  .bx-media-phone .bx-spl-line.bx-spl-l1 .bx-spl-cell.bx-spl-c1 {

                      text-align: center;


                  .bx-spl-line.bx-spl-l1 .bx-spl-cell.bx-spl-c2 {

                    -webkit-flex: 0 0 30%; 

                    flex:  0 1 30%;

                      -webkit-justify-content: center;

                    justify-content: center;

                      width: 30%;


            In the selected parts change the number of percents to other proportions.

            • Thank you verny much. ♡

              • Thank you sir, i have done this... one more thing plz, i want to remove the background of the splash page create account form.

                • You need to add the parameter background: none; to the .bx-db-container class in the same area of splash page.

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