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I have installed Protean Dark mix.  I would like the menu to stay visible in the same box where the logo is at the top.  Also from About us, I would like to add a submenu to About us so when the mouse is on About us then a dropdown menu will show.  Ho can I do that?  Thanks

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    • Hello caribman2020 !

      You may show this menu by the load with the following JS script in your Studio->Deisgner->Injections->Header area:


        $(document).ready(function () {

          bx_menu_slide_inline('-sliding-menu-sys_site', $('-menu-toolbar-item-main-menu'), 'site');   



      Or you need to place the block with the necessary menu in every page (Studio->Pages->Systme->[Page name]->Add Block->Skeleton->Menu->Choose menu).

      But both variants aren't good and it's better to use another template.

      • Thank you so much LeonidS.  I will try another templates then.  But I have a question for you.  How do I add more Items under a subject? For example under about us I would like to add more items  vertically as in the  picture.  I'm new to that una, I have searched the discussions but couldn't find an answer to my issue.

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