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Testing video meetings in Messenger

Today you may notice the video icon in the UNA.IO messenger. We are are testing embedded Jitsi Meet integration, which is the first step towards equipping UNA with a full stack of A/V streaming and conferencing tools.

Video is still a very tricky area, especially when the challenge is to use open-source technologies and low entry cost architecture. Most popular video-streaming apps rely on proprietary RTMServers and purpose-built native apps. Open technologies like WebRTC progressed a lot in the last few years, but various browsers and OSs still make it cumbersome to built universal solutions. We have chosen Jitsi as the most popular open-source toolset for video conferencing. Once we get a smooth solution using Jitsi Meet integration we plan to explore the setups with own on-server videobridge as well as multicast features like one-to-many live video streaming, simultaneous recording/compressing, etc. 

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