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This Buds For You Boonex

I'd like to say thanks to Boonex here.  I've been around, lurking and playing with things Boonex and others for a decade now, though never spoke here until recently.  I remember the early Dolphin days, when they first began to Cache pages, when bx_ was boonex_ for so many sql entries.  I'd like to say thanks as I build my own site for the first time.  Thanks for such an amazing open source script that can be explored and manipulated, yet has the ability once learned to operate with just a few clicks of a mouse.  Except menus permissions, those are a few thousand.

What's more is Boonex staff is always ready to step up and help in any situation.  This staff doesn't just put out software that we all complain about but they are actually willing and ready to go into the servers and help us find the source of issues we encounter.  I just had one in my server today who quickly pointed out 3 boxes I had checked incorrectly that was causing my issue.  No other software company is going to do that.  None.  

As I take UNA 12.0.B into a production environment I do this confidently because I know the Boonex staff will have my back as this site grows.  I am happy to pay the monthly stipend for a script that is constantly evolving at a record pace.  They went from 11.0.4 to 12.0.B in less than 2 weeks.  Only 7 months to write all of 11.  Seriously, this thing is moving way faster than any other script.  The support is phenomenal, as they answer questions for us in what has to be the middle of the night for them.  

I tip my hat to you Boonex, Andrew Boon and all of the Boonex staff.  You guys are the epitomy of a phenomenal crew ready to not only create an amazing script but back it up with your own sweat as it ventures into the world.  

If you had GIFY in here I'd post a This Bud's For You meme.  (hint hint)

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      • Very well done Dawgcom - the praise for the UNA team is well placed.

        • Yes, very well stated.

          I've seen a lot of former Boonex users showing up here slowly, I jumped aboard long ago and never looked back.

          I'm no coder but if you say the progress is fast I believe you.

          • Boonex creates there software under the same logical mindset that hackers work under (not the evil crackers).  No 2 people should have to solve the same problem twice.  By being open source if you have a problem I or anyone else can look into the code and find the solution and then share it across the board with everyone.  By utilizing crowdcoding (I created  a new term there) it reduces the time wasted of multiple people working on the same thing.  The fun thing is, as I dig thru the code of UNA I can see those old remnants of Dolphin as it evolved and eventually made the jump to Trident and now UNA.  If you are fortunate enough to read code it's really cool to look at.  If your not, I recommend get an early version of dolphin and play with it, do all the updates until your finally on UNA. You'll be amazed at what you learn.  

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