UNA 11.0.0-RC1

UNA 11.0.0-RC1 has been released. If you are on "beta" update channel then your site can be updated. 

However there are sone issues during the update:

  • Due to bug in update system, during system update, sometimes you could be asked to update modules first in this case you need to try again
  • Due to the same bug, during modules updates, sometimes modules updates couldn't be shown in this case please reload page until updates are shown
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    • I clicked refresh, cleared cache about 100 times but no module updates appear. Alex T⚜️ why release the RC1 with a know bug? Maybe it was not know at release. I will wait until it is resolved but my site auto updated to RC1.

      • 11.0.0-B1 to 11.0.0-RC1

        Note: At first, was on iPad Pro... there was cache issue. Need to make an habit of clearing iOS' Safari as often. It's annoying to do it manually.

        Now, on desktop... Ubuntu's Firefox (auto clear cache/history after closing browser). Will not update until language module(s) are updated first (while on "11.0.0", need to update language(s) to "11.0.1". Afterward, successful updated to 11.0.0-RC1 then updated the rest of modules.

        • I sincerely appreciate a lot on the update but I think MD has a point.

          • ”RC” is still considered beta. By nature, we know that Alpha/Beta/RC should not be use in production. The ”why” question is absurd... ask yourself, “Do I run Linux Beta? Do I run Mac Beta? Do I run Windows Beta? Obviously not!“ Y’all have been warned. If you did set to beta, that’s your own fault (without scolding). Complaining? Please, stick to stable!

            I have multiple domains, only one is in beta for testing/reporting and for that reason only. If you have one domain, you can create sub folder ’beta’ and separate database. 

            Example: https://beta.YourAwesomeSite.com or https://www.YourAwesomeSite.com/beta

            UNA 11.0.0-RC1’s not that bad comparing to Windows 10’s two latest live updates which has left them massive headache twice in row. 

            • Sumain while I understand your post - it does not quite fit the scenario.  Some people have their sites set to autoupdate as I do. It is set for the beta update channel because I want have the latest as most people do.

              So, if the idea is for us to test a beta or RC and give feedback to make it better - I don't see why it would be released knowing that we may not be able to update modules.  How can we give feedback on things we cannot update or install?

              I am a UNA champion and love where the platform is going - but.....

              • I clicked refresh, cleared cache about 100 times but no module updates appear. Alex T⚜️ why release the RC1 with a know bug? Maybe it was not know at release. I will wait until it is resolved but my site auto updated to RC1.

                Please try refresh page with modules updates several times (they should appear on 2nd or 3rd refresh, but sometimes more times are needed) until they appear.

                • We have over 21,000 people on here. If you look at how many people report in Alpha/Beta/RC. Very little. Therefore, "most people" update to the latest (beta) is misleading.

                  Example: I found a minor bug in an important feature in UNA 9.0.0-RC2 which forced UNA to update to RC3 in less than 24 hours. https://una.io/page/view-discussion?id=461 and several RCs as far as to RC11 before final release. We still got bugs in 10.0.0-RCs as well. So, bugs in RCs is nothing new.

                  Already saw this issue before this post. Alex T mentioned a bug and yet you ask "why release?" is as whining as tantrum. A bug that you are having issue with is Studio App Market: Issues with modules updates. Pretty sure, the team did not see that coming until just after released. Refresh don't always work. If that's the case, I gave a clue on clearing browser's cache.

                  I do not have Auto-Update and on self-host... a few hiccups here and there. Overall, all modules updated. Sorry that some of yous failed and sharing sorrows while some of us succeeded and gloating.

                  On the bright side, thrilled to see some new features and bugs addressed. Keep on examining to squash 'em buggers!

                  • Alex T⚜️ did that many time Alex. Maybe they all got updated during the auto update process :) Hard to tell because of version numbers.

                    Nathe Forden at this point I will stop responding to you as you seem to be unable to understand what I write.  

                    • 11.0.0-RC1... these modules are all updated. Go ahead and compare.


                      • Super-exciting, wonderful News!!! We sure needed some... 

                        This Release CANDIDATE (RC) means we are on track for the initial stable version of 11.

                        I am thrilled about dumping Google maps on the geo-locations. And I can't wait to learn more about the other additions.

                        We appreciate all the hard work. Team UNA, you guys rock! 🏆 Alex, you are the King of Coders! 🥇

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