UNA as a Mini LinkedIn for Developers

I’d like to share a UNA project I’m working on. I still need to make tweaks. For example, as I’m typing this I’m realizing I need to add a location field (I don’t really want to use the built in Google Maps location field - I want to avoid third party stuff). It’s like a mini LinkedIn but only for people who code. 

I know someone who is a software recruiter and it’s really hard sometimes to find coders of a certain caliber at times. Especially when it comes to newer coding languages. 

I’ve loved UNA for a while now, and instantly knew it was the perfect platform for a niche resume sharing community for developers. It’s super basic. But that’s also kind of the point. You don’t put your entire resume on the site. Just a blurb and some basic information, then you can link to your full LinkedIn profile or personal website. 

Because it doesn’t hurt to have another place to advertise your skills and make it easier for a recruiter to find you. Especially if you currently need a job. 

https://ada.careers (Named after Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer).

By the way, bug above. Seems the auto URL code for UNA doesn’t like domains that end in “s”.

It’ll probably work if I use the wysiwyg editor though...


Nope. Hmm. 🤔 

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