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UNA Cloud Errors

I am having trouble setting the domain name on the UNA cloud server, no matter what I enter I get the same errors, in addition, I get a 500 error when clicking the ad server and when I try to export the site I get a pop up the should have a download link but it does not.

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    • if you specify your domain as "speir" and "speir-chat", then you need to select ".una.io" subdomain instead of "Own domain", for own domain you need to specify something like "speir.com" and "chat.speir.com", but before you need to point DNS for speir.com and chat.speir.com to point to

      • Hey Alex I did try adding interq.me first which is where i would like it to go I am not sure if I had updated the dns yet, I do have a fresh install on that domain now can I use the interq.una.io cloud server as a deve server and export changes to the interq.me site? Thanks for your help...

        • Yes, you can do so. But for the reliable work of your changes, you will need to copy files and DB from una.io everytime completely.

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          Robert Sussman
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