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video chat button from messenger: have a little IM box come up "(member) wants to video chat"

when someone presses the video chat button on the person's profile from messenger, have a little IM box come up on the bottom of the screen or something that let's the person know instantly. For example, "(member) wants to video chat. Accept / Decline."

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    • Hello!

      We will add IM Video chat in future version. At present there is group chat option.

      Anyone who has access to the Profile page and Video Chat button can start Conference, in this case the all friends of the profile get notifications about just started Video Chat and can open profile page and join to the talk.


      • Wait, but what about that random person who goes to profiles and clicks the video button? All the profile's friends will get a notification to join the video chat but their friend is not in the chat.

        • It is possible only if Profile's owner allows to contact with his profile for any person in contact privacy and if you as admin allow membership action Video Conference for any membership level.

          • Alright I disabled the button for now.

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