Video is essential. Please upload a video file.

Is there anyway to remove the Asterisk? It seems that if you choose the embed url, your forced to upload video. Maybe i'm doing something wrong?

Please see photo.lnrjysjrzayxxpifdwz7eixervxajgwq.png

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    • I wonder about this also. Any solution?

      Why is there not a choice to upload or use embed url?

      • Hi all!

        Since the introducing of the Froala editor and the integration's possibility you may embed video in any post, discussion etc (any form with the Editor field). So the Video uploader was left for the direct upload and the file there can't be removed.

          • You are using Videos module, which is meant for uploaded videos, like your own YouTube. Inserting them via Froala effectively creates a description with a video embed. So, if the video is not uploaded then in most browsing pages we wouldn’t be able to show a preview (not possible from froala embeds as they are freeform and can be multiple). 

            So, just making the field non-compulsory isn’t going to fix the issue. Instead we should offer an option to either upload or embed a video and if embedded treat it as a main media file. This way we can control which video exactly is to be used for preview. And in this case froala toolbar would be better off without a video embed option. 

            • Hello Andrew Boon , i can see what your saying, but wouldn't you see that a regular user would get frustrated, just asking that's all.

              • Yes, I agree Will Monte — this form would be better if rearranged and cleaned up a bit — the upload/embed button moved to first position, froala tools minimised , pictures upload turned off, etc. 

                I plan to mostly concentrate v10 development on making UX more friendly and streamlined. We are releasing v9 any day now and then can Pro we stop such improvements. 

                • Absolutely Andrew Boon , the more simple, the better it will appear to the regular user.

                  • You can easily make this field non mandatory by going to Studio > Forms > Fields > Module: Videos > Add Video > edit "Video" field > turn off "Mandatory" switcher

                    • Awesome, thanks Alex T⚜️ it worked!

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