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Warning: fraudulent buyer

Please be aware that we have a member [name is hidden by me] who buys modules here on the marketplace and then opens a PayPal refund cases without asking for any help or solution first.

It’s highly unacceptable.

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    • Well, that's lame. What a scumbag. They should have to reach out first to resolve any issue.Unfortunately, I'm not sure what you can really do other than accept a different payment method. If you require buyers to send you payment through Paypal Friends and Family (or Venmo) instead of as a merchant, it would be much harder for them to reverse the payment. Alternatively, you could use some irreversible payment method, such as bank wire or crypto.

      Maybe the UNA Team can block the person or something?

      • That is so fudged up!

        • Well, the PayPal is still the most common way to pay for many customers. I have such situation the second time within 10+ years on Boonex.Someone would buy modules, get refunded and then post them somewhere on public forums in order to get more senseless "likes" on their profile from other "thankful" members for the "free nulled module".

          Not talking about the particular case, but had such experience.

          Weeks of hard sleepless-night work, testing and debugging are wasted for nothing. It's sad.

          • Sorry bro, i can't even imagine what you guys go through

            • what?? he is human garbage .. I never thought it was happening :( they should block him forever .. I'm sorry dude

              • It also is a lost of the fees as PayPal doesn't refund fees that the seller pays.

                • Paypal also charges the seller an additional $15 for a dispute he didn't "win".

                  The buyer said he has not been able to download the item he purchased and there's no way I can proof the opposite. I can't track if the buyer have clicked the Download button or not. All modules are free to download after the purchase, at most - after a request to the seller.

                  Such a waste of work and time.

                  • I'm sorry cause i was the one that introduced you to UNA, i'm really sorry bro. I feel really bad this is happening to you. 😔

                    • You don’t have to be sorry, I really appreciate your support!

                      • will you leave the others for one [...]? i can't believe it .. not everyone is bad

                        • Leaving UNA doesn't mean leaving anybody else. It's just empty place for me. But support will be provided in any case.

                          • @boonexpert so you are leaving una for one bad actor? How many experiences like this have you had in una? Bad people are everywhere and it sucks this happened to you its just unfortunate that you leave us all for one bad apple.

                            • Boonexpert! With all due respect. Scammers were and always will be. In my opinion, you are reacting too emotionally. The Internet is full of sites that sell and offer NULLED versions of scripts and systems. This is not a reason to "give up". It's sad, I know. Just inform the community about these people, as you have done now. Something like that.

                              • Thank you guys for your support! Yes, probably a few other things had happened at the same time.

                                I'm here.

                                • It's all right sir xD The community exists to support each other.

                                  • that's sad sorry bro you do great work, thanks for all you do!

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