UNA 12 Webinar #5 - S3 storage settings

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We'll describe new UNA 12 features, in this webinar we'll describe new Storage settings, particularly S3 compatible storage settings. At the end of the webinar you will be able to ask questions.

1. Intro, why we added new settings    - Ability to use other than Amazon S3 provider    - Add v4 signature support

2. Documentation - https://github.com/unaio/una/wiki/Remote-Storage

3. New settings description and

4. Sample configurations based on Amazon    - Configure from scratch    - Change storages in table    - Transfer existing data

        s3cmd --configure 
        s3cmd --acl-public --check-md5 sync ./ s3://webinar5test/ 

5. Sample configuration based on Linode S3 (if time allows)

6. Questions