Jesus is God

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Jesus is God
Jesus is God
AJ Fariss
Jesus peace upon him is a Prophet NOT God..

Lets use some logic.. Mary peace upon her was the Mother of Jesus right ? Is this mean we had a God female too before Jesus ? 
Also Mary is the wife of Joseph, right ?  is this mean Joseph was another God too before Jesus ? Based on these facts, now we have too many Gods – so take your pick which one is the GOD ??

All the prophets peace upon them including Jesus, Mohamed, Ibraham, Mosus etc.. are Prophets and messengers sent by God (swt) to different communities during different periods in history.

THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD ! Thus, the Almighty God ! He has no Father nor a Mother and NEVER been seen by ANYONE.. Not even Jesus or other Prophets have seen God when they were alive, but now they are in Heaven with God..
Do your homework mate.. All the best !
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