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Jan 15, 2021, 19:17
Bambie Murphy
We will start posting announcements to our group messenger. Please follow and join our group today. ?
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Community Hosting Coming Soon

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New dedicated UNA How To Do articles going to be added to our knowledgebase in Release 0.7.

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We have added to Release 0.7 of our website and services, a new GDPR Compliancy Pack Addon to our UNA VDC Servers.

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We will be adding a link soon to our UNA VDC Server Development Program, you will be able to see from there what jobs we have in the pipeline, as well as report issues, discussions and Discord Chat. Please follow and join our group to be kept updated about this. 

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The job is at 90% completed and Release 0.5 is 80% completed. We now have an estimated date of 05/01/2021 for the launch of our new UNA Server Packages.

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