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Accidentally paid 2 times for module named Languages X20

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-100,00 USD


Payment to ADULTDATE


-100,00 USD

I accidentally paid 2 times for the module named Languages X20.

and I reported this to CEO Andrey Yasko by e-mail. No response and no refund!


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    • Despite all this, I still can't install the module.

      Hope you can help!

      • It sounds like it’s an issue with the module itself. You may message the merchant. They should know how to refund and fix the install issue

        • yuk! Hang in there RJ

          • Hi Arsenal,

            Thanks so much for your support.

            Kind regards

            • Hi Arsenal,

              Thanks so much for your support.

              Kind regards

                • Please note that issues regarding third party modules must be resolved by the vendor that is selling the module. UNA team cannot fix or offer refund as the money goes straight to the vendor. Some vendors are not readily available on the weekend, so you may need to wait some more time for a response.

                  • Thank you Expertzkris, i wait.

                    • After that I should think better when buying "third party modules". Thank you very much Jerome Mingo for your warnings.

                      • Heyy Stardreamer, you're saying stop to RJ but where are you in this!

                        • UNA make Censorshipment!!!!!

                          watch my Screenshot!

                          WOW, I am so shocked. UNA is so bad!

                          • Everyone should make Screenshots! If I had this never done, I am sure, you do not believe me, but now, you can see, that is true!

                            I do not know, how long, I have access to my UNA Account. I save now all may data and waiting about, that UNA will delete me.

                            After that happens, I start a court case against UNA. Very sad, but it seems, UNA hates his Customers.

                            • Hello @Someone07 !

                              Yes, all off-top, repeated, or advertisement posts always are cleared from this forum. And your capslock message in this thread will be removed too because you have your "crusade offer vs UNA" in another thread already.

                              • It's your right. But it's sad that you don't make screenshots about all your help's requests here but started to do so after meeting the not-good vendor. About the "court case" looks like the situation: "The stewardess was rude with me, I'm going to law with Boeing / Airbus etc".

                                • When making a payment using paypal, the first thing you do is to contact the person that the payment was made to. If they don't reply, then open a dispute ticket with PayPal. PayPal will also contact the vendor to get their statement. You tell PayPal that you accidentally made a double payment for the same product and you are asking the vendor to issue you a refund but they are not answering you. If a vendor gets enough complaints from buyers, PayPal can remove that vendor from their system. If you paid using a credit card, you can also file a dispute with your credit card provider. I don't advise using debit cards to pay for any modules in the marketplace.

                                  On UNA side of things, any vendor that does not handle customer issues should be removed from the marketplace; at least disabled until the issues have been properly handled.

                                      • I think he thought it was my issue but it was yours and I was replying to you 😀

                                        • Who is adultdate defrauding us?


                                          una.io Please protect your customers. otherwise you won't find anyone here. I paid 200 USD for a fake module.

                                          One thing I'm wondering is, why don't people who sell stuff on una.io check who they are?

                                          • It's almost time to find out who paid EgenSajt.se Web Hosting for hosting services for adultdate.se!


                                            # Copyright (c) 1997- The Swedish Internet Foundation.

                                            # All rights reserved.

                                            # The information obtained through searches, or otherwise, is protected

                                            # by the Swedish Copyright Act (1960:729) and international conventions.

                                            # It is also subject to database protection according to the Swedish

                                            # Copyright Act.

                                            # Any use of this material to target advertising or

                                            # similar activities is forbidden and will be prosecuted.

                                            # If any of the information below is transferred to a third

                                            # party, it must be done in its entirety. This server must

                                            # not be used as a backend for a search engine.

                                            # Result of search for registered domain names under

                                            # the .se top level domain.

                                            # This whois printout is printed with UTF-8 encoding.


                                            state: active

                                            domain: adultdate.se

                                            holder: (not shown)

                                            admin-c: -

                                            tech-c: -

                                            billing-c: -

                                            created: 2014-02-13

                                            modified: 2021-02-24

                                            expires: 2022-02-13

                                            transferred: 2018-01-23

                                            nserver: becky.ns.cloudflare.com

                                            nserver: tom.ns.cloudflare.com

                                            dnssec: unsigned delegation

                                            registry-lock: unlocked

                                            status: ok

                                            registrar: EgenSajt.se

                                            • Hello @Jopel !

                                              I've deleted the attached picture in your post. We don't allow posting similar materials here and don't provide hosting services for similar sites. But we don't forbid to use UNA on the own hosting for own purposes. And @adultdate didn't show it here as I remember. As I informed in another thread he was out of work with Covid-19 and will answer to all his customers very soon. As we can't check it we may give him a little time to fix this situation. His problem mod was deactivated for now. So it's possible to little wait. But if you don't want to wait for it then you may claim the deal via Payment Provider too.

                                              • Hi,

                                                I have informed Paypal, nothing condone scam.

                                                • PayPal will answer, give them some time.

                                                    • Oh my gosh. Sorry I have not seen any of this until now

                                                      • I have been away for several weeks and just came back from hospital due to covid 19

                                                        • Apologize for not being able to reply until now, anyone that needs help, please direct message me and I will respond promptly.

                                                          • I sincerely apologize to anybody who has had any type of problem, the module and all included languages are working fine, and I am glad to help solve any possible issue related, and I will even urgently issue a refund for whatever it is you may not be satisfied about.

                                                            Also, I would like to point out that I do not sell any modules here with the intention to make profit from the sales, I really do not intent any sales here as business. I run multiple sites and the modules I have listed here are just some of the mods/extensions that I have developed for mine and others una/dolphin over the years, and now because of all this drama I considering making any future modules completely private...

                                                            Just to irritate, I sincerely apologize to anyone who has had issues. Please DM me and I will get you sorted out promptly, thanks!

                                                            • Hi Aduldate,

                                                              Please pay back the 100x2 = 200 USD I paid you. I put relations with Una.io on hold, because of what I've been through.

                                                              • Details of Paypal payments I made to you.

                                                                1 - Payment sent to ADULTDATE

                                                                13 March 2022 at 15:35:12 CET

                                                                Transaction ID: 9E273915FN866740G

                                                                Payment Status: COMPLETED

                                                                2 - Payment sent to ADULTDATE

                                                                13 March 2022 at 15:33:09 CET

                                                                Transaction ID: 04R09065PS385705L

                                                                Payment Status: COMPLETED

                                                                Gross amount

                                                                -$100,00 USD

                                                                • I hope you get well soon

                                                                  • In order not to pay for the module "Languages X20", which I could not receive even though I paid with you, I will include the correspondence with Paypal here so that you can follow the fraud that has been translated so that our decent people will not experience this problem again.

                                                                    There are many well-meaning people on this site, like everywhere else. Everything lived is an experience. We must learn.

                                                                    Hi, 21.03.2022, 22:09

                                                                    Very funny Paypal officials with your message!

                                                                    The case was closed as it wasn’t a billing issue.You can appeal the outcome of this case on or before 25 March 2022 at 04:29:31 CET.


                                                                    I did not receive the product I paid for via Paypal, naturally I did not receive the invoice for it, which is why I want my money back. Your review is hilarious.

                                                                    Please my money back!

                                                                    I'm recording everything I write to you now, after your funny reply!

                                                                    If necessary, I will not hesitate to publish it on the Internet.

                                                                    I MADE THE PAYMENT WITH YOUR COMPANY PAYPAL! 


                                                                    • New Messages from Paypal

                                                                      An update on case PP-D-144551388

                                                                      We reviewed all the details of your claim. Based on the information we have to date, we'll have to deny your claim. This decision was made because your billing dispute doesn't match our qualification for a billing dispute.

                                                                      Case details

                                                                      Dispute Case IDPP-D-144551388Transaction amount$100,00 USDDispute amount$1,00 USDTransaction ID9E273915FN866740GTransaction date13 March 2022If you have any additional information please send it to us.

                                                                      As a valued customer, we want to give you an opportunity to provide us with additional information that could change the outcome of this case. If you have information that may help us decide this case in your favor, please send it to us. If you would like to appeal this decision, please contact us by clicking Help & Contact at the bottom of any PayPal page.


                                                                      • I leave the evaluation to you!

                                                                        • Thank you very much una.io team for your support and patience., Not resolved unfortunately. Therefore, I have to leave your services. But I would like to thank the whole una.io team for your support and patience.

                                                                          Can you please cancel my pro membership.

                                                                          But I will follow your work.

                                                                          Best Regards una.io team

                                                                          • I couldn't find a link or page to cancel the Pro subscription.

                                                                            • Despite all this, the fact that adultdate plugins are on your site was effective in making this decision.

                                                                              • Out of respect for the efforts of the developers, I removed your software from my server.

                                                                                • German module very bad translation

                                                                                  • Hi. Your Professional subscription has been cancelled.

                                                                                      • @Jopel i am so sorry, you feel so much bad, that you leave una (and me), in most cases, we found a solution (not in all). also we have sometimes strong conflicts, but at the end we found solution. for now, that means, i fight alone against una ;) wish you all the best, stay strong and find your lucky! =)

                                                                                        • Thank you very much Someone07, what I experienced do not pass my prensibe!

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