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The module allows your members to Join Events on the site upon creating a Profile (Person or Organization) or upon attaining a particular membership level.

With the Auto Join Event, the site administrator can set up categories of members who will be automatically assigned to specified Events. There are several criteria that can be used to identify members that will belong to a particular category.

These criteria are :

a) Age

b) Gender

c) Location (Country, State, City)

d) Membership Level

Each category can be assigned to one or multiple Events.

Please see some practical examples below of how the module could be configured:

  • Males aged 50 and above from Florida could automatically become participants of an event called "Health Fair in Miami for Golden Agers".
  • Premium Membership Members could automatically become participants of an Event that is held exclusively for paid site members.


You can view my full list of modules at https://una.io/page/products-author?profile_id=200

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