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I'm wanting to alter how the covers are displayed on pages. I noticed that UNA is setup to have the cover URL as the background image rather than in the SRC and have some random blank "spacer" as the SRC.

I want to have the __cover_url__ serve as the IMG SRC, I have attempted to do this in every instance I can find on my own within the cover files scattered throughout the files but no matter which file I change, the page will still maintain the space icon as the SRC.

Is there a cover template file I'm just overlooking for profiles / spaces / groups?

Example of what I'm wanting to alter but no matter what I do, it'll always return https://examplesite.com/template/images/icons/spacer.gif

<img class="bx-base-pofile-cover-image __img_class__" style="background-image:url(__cover_url__)" src="(__cover_url__)"/>
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