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When you log in or click the home button the create post block on the top of the page looks like this.


When you click on on it, it expands to this.


After you click Post, it stays in this expanded form and the only way to get to the original state is to press the X in the lower right.

How do we configure this block to collapse to the original state after pressing Post?

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    • Hello scottober !

      This way how Update (for Timeline) works, for example, Post form will redirect you to the new post page after pressing the "Publish" button.

      • There is no "Publish" button, only a "Post" button.  When you press "Post" it does not redirect you anyplace, instead,  the Timeline below updates and the expanded "Post" dialog remains expanded. All our users want the "Post" dialog do go back to its unexpanded state.

        Its current behavior is detested by our users as in the mobile app the Post dialog takes up all the viewable area.   If you're saying that it's not possible to have a different behavior then UNA is a very flawed ecosystem that can not meet user expectation.

        • Another issue, is when you type long info into the the window? It will overlap the lower controls and the post button. So you can't click anything under it. It will actually at times even drop outside the module box. (Happens in timeline post areas)

          Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.