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With the recent events that have transpired between corporate SM and smaller sites like Parler, I'm disappointed to see that UNA 12.0.B only has cross platform sharing enabled for 3 sites, Twitter, FB and Pinterest.  There isn't even a button for members to tap that will give them a link to copy.  As we all are moving towards a decentralized SM type of presence and continue to need to broadcast advertise our sites, cross-platform sharing releveland topics/videos/photos is by far the most effective.  If your into tractors and goats and I see your conversation on Twitter, it would only make sense to post my video of a goat driving a tractor on Twitter, which I can do with the Twitter button.  But what if your on GAB, Telegram, Parler (when it comes back up) or even another UNA site?  A simple link button like we have to bring cross-platform content in should be enabled to send it out.  

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