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Hi I'm receiving emails starting this morning, so far over a 100 with the following message:

Database error in PopAllure

Mysql error:

SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused


Debug backtrace:

and this long code. Anyone know why this is happening? Can anyone help?

Thank you!


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    • Hello @PopAllure !

      Well, it doesn't relate to UNA directly - looks like your DB has some allowed IP to connect and now smth not from this list tries to connect too. Ask your hosting support to be sure.

      • Hi @LeonidS - Since I did the upgrade from 13.02 to 13 B1 I have been getting 100 or more database error notifications a day. I am on UNA servers. I was waiting for the 13.B2 to rectify the issues (I read it somewhere) but really my site has been broken since the upgrade and I've pretty well given up for now.

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