I think UNA is Dumping

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    • Dumping what? 🧐

      • Hi, thanx for reply, I mean to say that I don't actually enjoy with UNA script. its very slow in providing new features,

        • New theme styles/ designs except just changing colors and and minor changes etc. Otherwise it looks just so simple and easy.
        • Posts sharing could be too simple with advanced looks and feel. instead of this traditional forum posts sharing boxes in Post sharing,
        • Mobile apps source code documentation to integrate is not well explained and easy. Mobile app has a lot of room for improvement to truly be native, can be redesigned as well, moreover, app need too much speed improvements.
        • Most of the useful extensions by third part devs are too expensive being single extension.
        • Can be stepped into Meta World like crypto or web 3 integration with its coin/ wallet system

        UNA has too much potential and can be made exceptionally a great community software script available in the whole web market

        Best of Luck to UNA Team


        • I kinda agree. ;)

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