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In Studio page, tweaked one thing in CSS... all Apps widget to be hexagon-ed. <-- Don't mind me, just personal custom on my part.

Discovered that most language mods are outdated. If you are still using flag and rounded code, please update your language module(s) to current design like English, Spanish, and Russian in purple (they are already up-to-date).

Example... ZH, DA, NL, FI, FR, DE, HE, IT, JA, KO, NO, PL, SV, TH.

Don't care for Flag Widgets, they are confusing enough. Like France/Netherlands/Russia. It makes sense to display two-letter codes in widget since it's about languages, not art. Moreover, Language Mods should adopt UNA's minimalism coloured-code (#8B73AE) to better organise.

Thank you.

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