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New version Messenger 12.0.3 has been released.

There are many improvements for design, bug fixes, modifications to make Messenger compatible with new UNA 13.  

Let us know if any problems! 

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    • Are UNA apps are also updated?


      • That's great. Thanks for the release @Alexey

        Please, can you give us the changelog of this new version? What's new, what has been fixed or changed? Thx.

        • Hi,

          I've noticed several problems.

          1. On Android phone, while using Protean (Light Mix) the message input field is correct but if using Protean (Dark Mix) the message input field is not OK! It is moved to the top of the messenger conversation so it is unusable.
          2. Also on Android phone, while on site ..../una/page/messenger/ user can not enter to previous chat- messages. Same for privete chat or public chat room.
          3. New messages are not show unless page/messenger refresh/reload
          4. Still on Android phone - while taping on three-dots to use "Add reaction", "Replay",etc. pop-up to use the action doesn't open.

          Server - Ubuntu 20.4LTS, php8.0

          Tried to change to use older php (7.4) but the problems persists.

          Best regards


          • To update previous post about problems described above:

            I've moved ....una/modules/boonex/messenger to ...una/modules/boonex/messenger-new and copied previous version from my backup to ....una/modules/boonex/messenger

            And problems disappears.

            So there are problems related to new version 12.0.3 of messenger not something else....

            I also had to change cron job from:

            /usr/bin/php8.0 -q ..../una/periodic/cron.php


            /usr/bin/php7.4 -q ..../una/periodic/cron.php

            because of this problem:

            PHP Deprecated: Required parameter $iProfileId follows optional parameter $iLotId in .../una/modules/boonex/messenger/classes/BxMessengerTemplate.php on line 1031

            This is very trivial and temporary solution ....

            • Hello!

              There are several fixes to make Messenger to work better on mobile devices and pc for design. I think, it would be better to check the all closed issues from 24 of September https://github.com/unaio/jot-client-una/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aclosed to see the more details.

              • Hello!

                See my comments below please:

                1) I've just check una.io on both (Lucid) templates and don't see the problem. You may see browser and Android version in attachment. So, in you case it may be cache problem, try please to clear the cache via Studio.

                2) I am not sure that I understand. If you mean you can not click back button to open previous chats, then by default there is standard back button on devices should and redirect you to the chats list.

                3) It also can be connected with cached js code or may be Jot Server is no connected. Is it possible for me to test it on your site?

                4) It is also can be because of cache problem.

                Anyway to reproduce the problem, it would be better to test it on your site if you don't mind.

                • Can you please specify which browser and OS you are using?

                  • Is the issue fixed where the messenger creates a new thread when a person visits a page with the messenger on it when they didn't type a message in the messenger?

                    • I just noticed my version is Version: 11.0.7 (12.0.3 is available). There is no upgrade on my upgrade page. Do I have to erase my present version, re-install, and cause everyone to lose their messages?

                      Thank you in advance.

                      • Hi Alexey

                        1. I was referring to Protean (Dark Mix) only!! You were testing on Lucid design which is OK regarding position of the message input field. So your answer is irrelevant. I can assure you that this is not cache problem!!! When I revert Messenger to previous version the position of message input field is OK.
                        2. When on Messenger page (.../una/page/messenger ) on Android phone and Chrome browser user have list of previous chats with other members. When any of chats taped chat won't open.
                        3. I was clearing cache from Studio, restarting apache, restarting php-fpm, manually cleared cache and cache_public folderers
                        4. I will PM you site address.

                        Tested on Android 10, Chrome 96.0.4664.45

                        Best regards


                        • Tested on Android 10, Chrome 96.0.4664.45

                            • Hello!

                              If your domain is connected with Messenger, then you should be able to see new updates in studio->updates area. If Messenger or any other module is not connected you should go to your UNA account -> Licenses area and click on reset button near the module, then go back to the studio and open apps sections, after that module should be connected and updates should be available.

                              • Thank you for the reply. I reset the Power Plan license for one of my sites. Still the Messenger update does not appear in the Updates area. I did receive an alert message which said I was logged in by a different account. So I tried my other profile names but nothing worked.

                                WARNING: You are logged into an UNA.IO account which is different from the account that generated UNA Key & Secret for your domain.

                                What do you think is wrong? Surely I need to get all of my licenses under one profile. But how?

                                • Hello!

                                  You should reset license for the module not for the site. So, you need to login under your account under which you have bought Messenger and reset license.

                                  • Thank you, will check it out soon!

                                    • Hello @Alexey

                                      First I need to apologize for my stubbornness about those problems with Messenger 12.0.3.

                                      Yesterday I tried again with that new version and this time I erased cache from Studio and also manually from cache and cache_public folders. Beside that I cleared browser cache on the mobile device and the problems I've described disappeared.

                                      Thank for being patient with me...

                                      Best regards


                                      • Hello Mayki,

                                        It is good that the problem disappeared.

                                        During updates installation cache folders should be cleaned automatically.

                                        • Awesome! Thanks so much.

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