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New version Messenger 12.0.5 has been released.

There are bug fixes, improvments for design for tailwind based templates and mobile devices.

Let us know please if any problems!

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    • Yes, here problems. Jot server does not connect anymore after update.

      • Hello!

        Did you install update for Messenger or reinstall it ? If you reinstalled Messenger, check please studio -> messenger -> settings. Option Server URL for messenger should not be empty.

        • I updated from previous version. All settings are unchanged. My messenger instance cannot connect to my Jot-Server anymore. Messenger functioned well before.

          • Provide me please with access info to your studio panel via PM, I will check.

            • Problems is connected with Jot Server's certificate and is not connected with last update. I hope your hosting solved this issue.

              • I sent a support request with the info you gave me. Thanks again, Alexey!

                • We added "Shoutbox" to "view-video" pages, that creates a lot of "new chats" and pushes messages between users down the list. If you upload lot's of videos in one go, all the user messages disappear down below the new page chats even when there are No comment on the page yet.

                  Is there a way to keep active conversations above new page chat's that do not contain any comments? Or to hide the pages without conversations?

                  (Pasting an image into this chat box does not work, the image does not load inline on the page, had to use the paper clip to attach an image)

                  • I have 11.0.6 and i can't find 12.0.5

                    • Hello!

                      By default, items in the talks' list are ordered by update time or if talk is empty then by date of talk's creation, thus you can see as first, talk which was created last even if it is empty.

                      So, you can replace this line

                      IF (`l`.`{$this->CNF['FIELD_UPDATED']}` = 0, `l`.`{$this->CNF['FIELD_ADDED']}`, `l`.`{$this->CNF['FIELD_UPDATED']}`) as `order` 

                      with this

                      `l`.`{$this->CNF['FIELD_UPDATED']}` as `order`

                      in file modules/boonex/messenger/BxMessengerDb.php.

                      After that it will work as you described, first you will see talks with messages only and empty talks will be in the end of the list and to see them member should scroll to the very bottom of the list.

                      About Photos: Do you mean you can not copy/past image file to the browser window on PC? It works but not the all browsers suport this ability. It works in Chrome for example, but doesn't work in FF.

                      • Hello!

                        Update should be visible in studio->apps->update area. If you don't see them then you need to check in your UNA account licences area, may be Messenger is not connected with your domain.

                        • Ok, I will do that when I get home. I know that it always did work, but I will check.

                            • Check your PM please

                              • Upgrade failed but worked perfectly on our other site. Any ideas as to what might cause this database error? And how it might be fixed.

                                ~~~ Thank you. ~~~


                                SELECT `tk`.`ID` AS `id`, `tk`.`IDCategory` AS `category_id`, `tk`.`Key` AS `key`, `ts`.`String` AS `string` FROM `sys_localization_keys` AS `tk` LEFT JOIN `sys_localization_strings` AS `ts` ON `tk`.`ID`=`ts`.`IDKey` WHERE 1 AND `ts`.`IDLanguage`=:language_id ORDER BY `tk`.`Key` ASC

                                Mysql error:

                                Can't create/write to file '/tmp/MYY6NQFl' (Errcode: 5 "Input/output error")


                                The error was found in getAllWithKey function in the file /home/xyz/public_html/xyz.org/inc/classes/BxDolLanguagesQuery.php at line 333.



                                • Hello @Canine Domesticus !

                                  This error doesn't relate to Messenger itself - your MySQL server can't execute this operation. Try to increase the free space and restart it.

                                  • Hi @Alexey @LeonidS please can you add the version 12.0.5 update script to Github. We would like to get some custom development done on Messenger to allow groups to be named.

                                    The new @ function is not nice on UNA 13, it is not finding anyone and then not showing their name, it shows @ symbols. @LeonidS @Alexey

                                    • Can anyone help, I wasn't able to update to 12.0.5 version of Messenger, so I had it uninstalled and now it won't really reinstall. The loading arrow spins and spins and nothing happens. In Studio panel it is listed and greyed out, can't access it. When I set it active nothing happens. Tried multiple times already to uninstall and fresh install, also downloaded it fresh from the store

                                      • Hello!

                                        I have uploaded script to git.

                                        • Hello!

                                          Looks like there are some errors, may be you already get report about it on bug reports email.

                                          I can check it if you provide me with studio acccess info via PM.

                                          • Hello!

                                            Looks like there are some problems with server's configuration.

                                            • Hello @Alexey

                                              Please can you let me know when will the new version of messenger be available in Github? We are running a custom version of messenger and would like to keep it upto date.

                                              • Hello!

                                                Ok, I am working on update, I hope to finish during 48 hours.

                                                • Hello @Alexey Alexy, how are you doing on the update?

                                                  • Hello!

                                                    There are a couple of issues still left, I am working on them.

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