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Not sorry, but the default Site Navigation Menu are super ugly in Artificer.

I'd like to transform Site Navigation into two menus horizontal with each floating like it's done in 'Community' on here.

Community: Discussions, Groups, Channels, Events, Organisations, Persons, Map

Feeds: Posts, Albums, Files, Photos, Videos, Polls

Thought, it would be simple. I spent overnight trying... to no avail. I'm tired and I'm angry. Seems no one cared about Document in wiki. They are either outdated or that part is not covered. Come on!

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    • https://una.io/g/una-themes-html-css-tips-and-cheats

      in my group u will find a CSS Fix for it what will working at first

      • No, thank you. This one is on UNA's end.

        I understand Developer>'Menus', 'Sets', and 'Items'. Did that and it's not executing like it should effing be because "Navigation Builder" is supposedly as simple as the name implies.

        Why not offer us 'Community' menu disabled by default?

        • You still have the standard menu... you can choose (even page by page) which menu you want to display...

          either Standard or Application

          • Standard or Application?

            Had me explore and found in Designer, is this the one I overlooked or is that a new feature in 13?

            Thanks for pointing the right direction. Will do a second attempt tomorrow.

            • I just noticed I had started creating a navigation menu on my homepage and realized I could do the same in the navigation menu and it would look nice and save space. For instance: Videos would open to two options Regular for Regular videos and Shorts for the TikTak videos. Same for one that divides People Profiles and Organizations etc and then Contests... That navigation menu had a ton of potential

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