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Hi, Guys:)

Enother strange (and annoying) thing was dicovered:

1. There is Closed Group.

2. There is user A with Standard Membership

3. User A asks to be a member of Closed Group

4. After approval user A can see all content of the group and it's very, very OK.

Now starts the witchcraft:

5. Let's say,  User A was upgraded to new level of membership - say, Advanced.

6. Advanced level was created FROM Standard (copy actions, no custom changes!)

7. Immediately User A stops to see the Group's Timeline, BUT still can see albums, posts, polls of Closed Group.

Needless to say that:

8. In Studio/Pages/Timeline ALL possible options of Visibility are "Anyone".

9. In Studio/Pages/Group there is no option to edit bloks visibility on Timeline page of the group (https://una.io/page/timeline-view?profile_id=XXXX )

10. Switch back to Standard level returns to User A ability to see Group's Timeline.

11. Witchcraft don't appear on Open Group's Timeline

11. Cache is clean, hands washed, Cthulhu sacrifices are brought. 

What next?

Thanx in advance

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    • I do not know, but you just taught me something. I did not know that it was possible to copy a level, very very good thing, I must say that I have not yet created, but how much time. I think for ten days to make a level "standard-f" for trolls, identical to standard but forbidden forum. Youpie, it'll take me 1 minute!

      • Yes Baloo => permissions => add new level => copy actions from => big smile

        (had such a nice image prepared, but I'm not allowed to post ist... anyway...)

        • Baloo , U welcome, pal :)) but check the witchcraft I've talking about:))

          • No ! lol - as I said, I test the simple things, when everything will work well in the simple things, I will add a little complexity. In fact I test everything my users will do when they will soon land on my site. I like testing to test, but here I stop a little to be ready.

            • I can't stop and wait one year more:)) 

              • But not a year, it's true that there were two months between rc9 and rc10 time flies quickly, I hope rc11 will come much faster, normally yes, if we want to stop inover all the time...

                • It will not be enough to just copy the permissions of a level.For some of the modules this level should be added as seen.

                  • Cem Bagdatli , what does it mean : "For some of the modules this level should be added as seen" ? 

                    as_seen - where?

                    • Vavilon I didnt  explain very well.It is like this when you copy permissions to a new membership level for example from standart to newmemberlevel , some pages of some modules will not be seen to this newmemberlevel as default.For this you need to go to pages and check especially system pages there. 

                      You will see there while some pages are selected to be seen to the standard level that you copied, they will not be selected for the newmemberlevel. 

                      You have to click also for the new member level for these pages to be seen by that membership level.

                      Otherwise these pages of the modules will not be visible for the newmemberlevel.

                      • Thanx, but this is not my case:) note this :

                        6. Advanced level was created FROM Standard (copy actions, no custom changes!) 

                        and this

                        8. In Studio/Pages/Timeline ALL possible options of Visibility are "Anyone".

                        • Hello vavilon!

                          From my side, an upgrade to another mem levels with the same set of actions doesn't hide the timeline posts of the given group. The only possible thing maybe is in the closed block "timeline posts" for this mem level. Please remind me operator access, I will check it on your site.

                          • LeonidS  

                            on what Page should I search this  "timeline posts"  block? 

                            ALL blocks of Group and Timeline mods pages are setted "Visible to Anyone" in aim of test.I'll PM you later, thanx

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