Nothing is going well on my four sites since the update

To version 13.0.0-RC1

I don't make money with my sites, it's a hobby like fishing, hunting etc.

They are free, My site with the most members has more than 1000

The images and video are no longer displayed,

When we publish it does not appear

I spend hours on it.

And since the update

To version 13.0.0-RC1

on December 28, nothing is going well.

I am looking for solutions here.

But everything is in English and I am French.

Google translate does not correctly translate what is said here.


I did a fresh install with Version: 13.0.0-RC1 of Una.

On a new sub-domain, new database.

And I'm having the same problems as on my four sites that were updated at the end of December.

I cannot upload images to the new site.

Nor the videos.

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The LWS technician who hosts my sites answered me this:

the PHP script that manages your sites

mysite/s/*requests is not properly coded, it returns incorrect request size (Content-Range and Content-Length).

This information was previously ignored by our cache system but is now taken into account. However, we made an exception but it would be nice to fix the problem in this script. Sincerely, The technical team.

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I will be reading that for sure, but will I have solutions. It's less sure.

A year of work screwed up because of an update,

I am disgusted, disgusted for me, but also disgusted for my members.

If I have not solved the problem, I would only have the choice to erase my databases, files and redo my four sites with version: 12.1.0 with which I have never encountered a problem , to start all over again.

On this good evening the UNA community

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