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I'm on UNA cloud, and getting emails today regarding “cPanel” AutoSSL provider could not renew the SSL certificate.. can someone help?

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    • UNA cloud doesn't have cPanel, so it maybe this letter is from somewhere else.

      By the way your site certificate is fine, it's going to be expired 24 December 2022, but it will be automatically renewed before then.

      • Hi! Thanks for your response @Alex T⚜️ . The auto generated mails mention that AutoSSL did not renew the certificate because of a failed DCV test. Hosting provider responded with:

        "We can only issue free SSL certificates for domains that are pointed to and loading from our Hosting service. Since the domains are pointed to a different host, you may want to check with that host, to see if they offer free SSL certificates. cPanel tried to issue the SSL for both domains, as they are setup in cPanel, but since it could not, you received the email detailing the failure."

        Hope this helps?



        • yes, it looks like you still have some other hosting in addition to UNA cloud which is associated with the same domain which is used in UNA Cloud. Since domain is pointing to UNA Cloud they can't issue new certificate. So this email isn't related to your UNA Cloud.

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