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Hello, I'm having a little trouble trying to change the background color of my return to top button. Can someone help me out with the correct code to get this color working?  

 <!--Top button --><script src="./topbutton/jquery-1.11.3.min.js"></script><script src="./topbutton/topbutton.min.js"></script><script>$(document).ready(function(){//Top Button$.topbutton({htlm : "<i>Top</i>", //Stringcss : "width:50px; height:50px; background color: ; border:false; font-size:20px;", //StringscrollAndShow : true, //BooleanscrollSpeed : 1000 //Number});if ($('div.wrapperChat').length)$('div.wrapperChat').closest('-content-container').parent().css('height', 'calc( 100vh - 9rem )');});</script><style>.bx-tl-post .bx-form-value .bx-form-input-wrapper-textarea {overflow: unset;}</style><!--End Top Button -->

Thank you in advance...

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