This is the recording of our Webinar #7 on the new Tasks module in UNA 12.

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    • Nice new module! Couldn't we use it as a team task module for Admins and Moderators for UNA communities, as well? Integrated just as Notes module? That would ease coordination of content creation by the community managers a lot!

    • Andrew Boon Alex T⚜️  Will you consider future development to include more text input boxes? Task Name (Single Line), Description (Single Line), Details (Multi-Line) and then choose date and time. Upon saving, allow the calendar entry that is created to include the Task Name and Description when displayed on the calendar.

      • Andrew Boon Scale down to 720p. That should keep the quality good but reduce the file size a bit. Question...when you added Alex and Mark to the task, I am assuming it is designed that each assignee is capable of completing the task individually and not one person clicking complete, complete for all, right?

        • hello Jeremy, each of the assigned persons can complete it entirely (complete for all), no ability for each of them to complete the task individually

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