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" Out of the limelight.. and out of the ordinary.... But quite extraordinary! The only Nightclub in Limerick where;- "Every Customer is a V.I.P". At last, a Club just for grown ups! I-Kandi is now, what all Night Clubs in Ireland will be like, in 20 years time...!!! "

"Simply the only; Adult Playground and Night Club Venue, on the island of Ireland!!! No other Night Club and Venue in Ireland is anything like I-KANDI, It's a nightlife bungee jump... with the sexiest party people, from all over Europe" No kids, Just Adults!
I-Kandi " Where the REAL FUN is... "
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Could you please post questions in Forum ? https://una.io/page/discussions-home
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OK - DIARY OF A NEW CUSTOMER !! Today 2nd June. Just signed up for the $50 + 50 plan (Apps & Hosting) Impressed with the slick stripe payments. Its very good btw! But apart from a 'Red Dot" in the Licence Field, I'm totally lost as to what to do now, or where to even look / go now ! I've so many questions now. I want to get started, i'm excited for sure, but I'm not been pointed in any specific direction. First impressions - there are no obvious instructions to follow for a new user! At least nothing apparent to me, at first glance. Like - Where - do I go to "see' the back end of my potential new website? Can - I start to experiment, build an "off-line' version, get my toes wet, see how it look and feels before going live? What - happens now?
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