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Day Two Using Una

So far I am very motivated about the potential I see in UNA. I think it has the tools that I need to get my business project going.

I still have a lot to learn about the UNA software. These are some of the items I have accomplished so far:

  1. I managed to install UNA on my VPS. The install was not passing the minimum requirement checks, but with some help from my hosting provider, I was able to enable the php module fileinfo.


  1. Converted Dolphin-Pro license to UNA and was able to download/install the premium apps.
    • I still need to find out how to get RocketChat and Jot Mesanger working. Is UNA providing just the apps, and I need to rent/have my own rockechat/messanger server to run it from…?


  1. Started the process of translating the English language to Spanish.
    • Most of the module-setup is done, except the last step, to pack/zip the module. For that step I need to know what the process/steps are to get the translated language ready for distribution. To where exactly I need to upload the zip file so UNA can recognize it and install.


Will continue expending some of my weekends on learning all about UNA…

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